Top 12 Best Gaming Keyboards of 2024 – Ultimate Buying Guide

Top 12 Best Gaming Keyboards of 2024 - Ultimate Buying Guide

Top 12 Best Gaming Keyboards of 2024 – Ultimate Buying Guide

A high-quality gaming keyboard can make a huge difference in your gaming experience. By considering factors such as switch type, key rollover, and macro keys, you can find the perfect keyboard for your needs. Our best gaming keyboards of 2024 and comprehensive buying guide and FAQs will help you make an informed decision.

Our Choices

According to the search results, some of the best gaming keyboards in 2024 are:

  • Corsair K70 RGB Pro: A full-size keyboard with Cherry MX Speed switches, per-key RGB lighting, media controls, and a detachable wrist rest.

  • SteelSeries Apex 5: A hybrid keyboard with mechanical and membrane switches, OLED display, per-key RGB lighting, media controls, and a magnetic wrist rest.

  • Roccat Vulcan II Max: A full-size keyboard with Titan optical switches, AIMO RGB lighting, volume wheel, and a detachable wrist rest.

  • Razer Ornata V3: A hybrid keyboard with mecha-membrane switches, per-key RGB lighting, media controls, and a plush wrist rest.

  • Roccat Magma: A membrane keyboard with zone RGB lighting, media controls, and a low-profile design.

Razer Huntsman Mini 60% Gaming Keyboard: Fast Keyboard Switches - Clicky Optical Switches - Chroma RGB Lighting - PBT Keycaps - Onboard Memory - Classic Black

Buying Guide

Some of the factors to consider when buying a gaming keyboard are:

  • Switch type: Mechanical switches offer better tactile feedback, precision, and accuracy than membrane switches. Optical switches use light instead of force to actuate and offer speedy response time.

  • RGB lighting: Per-key RGB lighting allows you to customize each key’s color individually, while zone lighting limits your options to a few areas. Single-color backlighting or no backlighting can save you some money but may affect your visibility in dark environments.

  • Keyboard size: Full-size keyboards have all the keys including the numpad, tenkeyless keyboards drop the numpad, 65 percent keyboards eliminate navigation keys, and 60 percent keyboards also cut the arrow keys. Smaller keyboards can save you some desk space and allow for larger mouse movements.

Snpurdiri 60% Wired Gaming Keyboard, RGB Backlit Ultra-Compact Mini Keyboard, Waterproof Small Compact 61 Keys Keyboard for PC/Mac Gamer, Typist, Travel, Easy to Carry on Business Trip(Black-White)

  • Additional features: Some gaming keyboards have extra features such as OLED displays, volume wheels, macro keys, USB passthroughs, wireless connectivity, etc. These features can enhance your gaming experience but may also increase the price and complexity of the keyboard.


To conclude, gaming keyboards are an essential part of any PC gamer’s setup. They offer various benefits such as faster response time, better accuracy, more customization options, and more comfort. However, they also come in different shapes, sizes, switches, and features that can affect your preference and budget. Therefore, it is important to do some research and compare different models before buying one.

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